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Welcome to the Fiber & Yarn Shop


  • We sell fiber from all our alpacas on this site as well as some other sites around the world. Other sites may charge us a fee for the listing or take a percentage of the sale, so prices on those sites may be more than what you will find here. This site is totally managed by us from the farm. 
  • We take our fiber seriously and will not pretend that our fiber is something it's not.... if it's only good for rug yarn, we'll tell you that !  Margie has put a lot of time and money into learning about fiber by taking the Olds College Fiber Sorting Education.  Our skirted blankets are graded to the best of her ability while keeping it intact.  She can also break up the blankets and grade them.  Your choice.  

Yarn & Roving:

  • All the yarn available on this site came from our own alpacas.  Although from time to time you may find hand made products created with other fibers or yarns from other farms, we DO NOT resell those yarns.  
  • All our rovings are created using a professional fiber mill. The fibers are cleaned, dehaired and professionally combed to rovings at the mill. We also supply all the materials we choose to have blended with our yarns.  We use New Era Fiber in Gallatin Tennessee.

If you prefer to order from other sites which may provide you with a higher sense of comfort or security, then please do so. We understand that making a purchase and paying online is a risk that everyone takes.